i cook.  

after 15 years i realized chefs always get the best bite. i am obsessed with this. the chef bite. the duck skin is crispier for us. the bread is hotter. the leaves of a salad are more alive. even minutes from kitchen to table the food is dying. a steak gets carved only to be less than it was a moment before. we are not trying to save it for ourselves. it is more a matter of right place at the right time, like a child waiting for turkey trimmings while everyone else is watching sports. its the bite out of the pan. i want you to have that bite. 

the chef bite. 

i take photos.

 i wish a dish could last more than the time it takes to be devoured. the effort it takes to make a certain flavor is greater than can be said. some components take months, a year or two to put together. time is a huge ingredient. a photo can't let you know how good a plate of food tasted. at best, a photo can capture its beauty. I tend to see the tiniest things. i love when a picture shows the ripples and minute details of textures in a dish. a ham sliced so sharply that the light glimmers on the fat. i know it will feel like glass on my palate, if only for a moment. i love to remember that sensation long after it happened.

its romantic.